Making Mistakes? That’s okay. We crawl before we walk…

Crawling before you walk is okay. It’s supposed to be. That’s how we learn, so making mistakes is nothing to be embarrassed about. People make mistakes everyday. That’s part of life and growing. God forgives us right away but people can hold grudges forever or remind us of every mistake and flaw. Stand up and learn from the experience.

Learn and continue to grow…

I remember once, a co-worker set me up and got me into a heated argument with my boss. I defended myself, but it got into a shouting match even though I didn’t do anything wrong. At the time though, I was merely defending myself because while I made a mistake it was incorrect information that someone else gave me. When I left the argument, I vowed not to cry because the enemy wanted me to feel defeated, but I knew I wasn’t – He who vindicates me is near. While I was humiliated because I was yelled at, it wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the last. Sometimes God allows us to get into exchanges to learn to defend ourselves, to develop a backbone and because we are right and justified. God is just, so sometimes when we mess up, He’ll fix it, or show us how to fix it.

God can give you right away what it took others years to learn…

In her autobiography, Indra Nooyi, CEO at PepsiCo mentions that in her upbringing, she and her siblings were groomed for greatness. They were taught how to speak eloquently, how to deal with stress, and how to meditate and stay calm. For a lot of us whose parents were working and may not have known about this approach, God gives us what we need and we learn from listening to God and the Holy Spirit’s directions. That’s why it’s important to listen. When the Holy Spirit says, “Walk away,” obey. Promotion comes from above, but it only works when we’re obedient. God can make us the head, the lender and above, but only if we humbly accept His teachings and advice and move in the direction He commands.

Keep at it until you get it right…

Another time a business client I had tried to sabotage my credibility with my clients by giving me a horrible, scathing review to steal my business and attack my character and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Defend yourself.” There will be times when we have to stand up for ourselves – not in a defensive way, but in a healthy exchange. In order to work in any kind of business capacity, you have to be able to speak openly and argue openly without flipping out and saying, “Oh no, you didn’t!” Be confident in your abilities and if you need to stand up for yourself do so diplomatically with confidence in your ability to defend yourself. It’s also about being confident in God.

Learn from Biblical examples…

Remember David in the Bible? Saul and his army were supposed to slay Goliath, but they stood around in fear for 40-days allowing Goliath to taunt them – a mental attack on the mind, (read Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind to learn how to overcome this). David took off running after Goliath to slay him because he knew God was with him. He wasn’t afraid of man. He knew man should be afraid of his God.

Learn to laugh at your own mistakes and move on…

Remember, that when you fall down, just pick yourself back up. I was on a local bus yesterday and the bus stopped short. A girl who was in the back fell across a few seats but caught herself on the pole. Her friends were laughing at her, and she laughed, too! It’s okay to laugh and move on. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

Stay humble or false pride can make you fall…hard!

Also keep in mind that you want to stay humble because a fall due to false pride can be a lot worse and hurt a lot more. By choosing to stay humble before God and man, you will always be able to keep yourself in check and you’re more mindful that it’s God who brings promotion, favor and benefits. All good things come from above.

Use prayer to help guide you…

Lastly, don’t worry if people set you up for you to fall because God is watching and He is just.Pray daily, “Lord, cancel the devil’s assignment in my life, renew my mind, give me strength, wisdom, patience and keep me humble,” and trust God who knows all and sees all. He is a just God who works on our behalf. He who vindicates us is near. Bless those that curse you and pray for those that spitefully use you. They might use, manipulate and laugh, but God knows and sees and He will bring correction. You’re learning to crawl and walk, and you may stumble along the way, but that’s okay. Stay humble and let God elevate you and bring correction. Just walk in love so He can elevate and bless you! To God be the glory! God-Driven-Designs

God-Driven-Designs is a Christian, inspirational gift store and prayer card ministry. We sell everything from prayer cards and plaques, to t-shirts and inspiring gift sets. We also work in event planning and help ministries and businesses with their marketing materials. Be sure to check out our  Inspirational Blog where you can see great messages and ministry clips. Be sure to check out our new faith-based Movie page and Events page for details on concerts, cruises, new movies and shows! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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