Back to School Must Haves…

Even if you’re on a budget, there are a few key essentials your kids may need as they head back to school. Use these top tips to help you get them organized – for that first big day!

$_57Tablet Cases: Make sure your kids have cases that can take a beating in case they drop them. Look for Otter cases that are durable, or for smaller kids, be sure to get rubber gripped cases for easy handling. Also make sure they store any tablet or computer in a locked and safe area at all times. Otter box cases average about $49 through their site, but you may find them cheaper at Amazon or Ebay. If you buy them on Ebay, just make sure you select ‘US Only’ to confirm you will receive it in a few days and not a few weeks!


Computers and Tablets: Lenovo LaVie Z Laptop: Great because it weighs only 1.8 lbs! At $1,399, that might be a little steep for some. Also look for…The Asus ZenPad: This 8-inch tablet is smaller, more compact and cheaper at $199. Need a little more off the price…Samsung Galaxy Tablet: On Ebay, these gently used models may go for $40-$70. Just be sure to check the reviews, return policy and condition.


Wheeled Back Packs and Lunch Bags:
With so many books to carry, tablets or computers and lunch, don’t let your child be weighed down. Be sure to get them a wheeled back pack. Prices start at $9.88 and up at Walmart.


Also check Walmart for lunch bags which are on sale! Want a personalized back pack or lunch bag? Check out Lilian Vernon. Prices start from $44 on up.

usbclip_imgUSB Cords and Cables: FLYP-Duo Reversible USB Charge & Sync Cable: Never plug into a computer the wrong way again! It’s reversible and comes in fun colors. Priced at $24.99 from Tylt. Belkin Lightning to USB Clip: This portable cable is great for charging phones and tablets at once. Kids can charge up before they leave for school or during lunch. At $35 from Tylt, it makes the perfect accessory! On a budget, Walmart has various cords starting at $2.

mNzBBo0Z29gjge71C-duMygHeadphones: While most kids want Beats headphones, or noise cancellation headphones, we just want them to be safe. Always ensure they don’t wear headphones while walking or crossing streets and keep the volume down enough so that they can clearly hear conversations around them. LG Tone Ultra Headphones, these wireless headphones also have noise cancellation and are stylish. Find them on Amazon for $60. Another alternative that’s easier to replace if kids lose them is Skull Candy headphones which you can find at Amazon for about $15. Want a cheap, generic version? Prices start at about $6 at Walmart.

RbFHbuJiLabels: A great way to keep track of coats, jackets, shoes, lunch bags, notebooks and more is with labels. No, not the generic white Staples labels, Mom, but you can use those too if you’re in a hurry. Be sure to check out Sticky Monkey Labels. With all kinds of colors, styles and designs, your kids will want everything to be colorfully coordinated!

Ultimately, while kids want to be stylish and trendy, parents want their kids to be safe. We pray for all parents, teachers, crossing guards, bus drivers, and kids as they start the new school year, as it is written, Let your requests be made known unto God! We pray Lord, give these babies traveling grace and mercy. Cover them and keep them and surround them with favor. Let them grow up to be doctors, lawyers and strong business people who take good care of their parents, take them on cruise vacations in their old age and label all their clothes so they always put on the right jacket and they don’t put their shoes on the wrong feet – just kidding! In Jesus name, amen! ;o) God bless you and stay encouraged!

We hope we were able to share trendy deals and good bargains with you as you shop for back to school items. God-Driven-Designs is a Christian, inspirational gift store and prayer card ministry. We sell everything from prayer cards and plaques, to t-shirts and inspiring gift sets. We also work in event planning and help ministries and businesses with their marketing materials. Be sure to check out our  Inspirational Blog where you can see great messages and ministry clips. Be sure to check out our new faith-based Movie page and Events page for details on concerts, cruises, new movies and shows! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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