My Seed is Going to Turn into a What?

I went online just now to get advice on my avocado seeds because I need to pot them and I just bought a bag of soil. To my surprise, while I thought my avocado seed would grow into a small plant because I picked out a small pot for it, I screamed when I did a search and saw a picture of this enormous tree (at the bottom of this page)! That can’t fit in my tiny apartment – unless it means God is doing something greater – and BIGGER, and plans to take me further and higher than I could have imagined!

When you think you’re growing plants but God is giving you trees…

Sometimes in life we plant seeds of faith, but we don’t know our potential. We read scriptures like “Enlarge my tent and widen my territory,” or “Go boldly to the throne of grace,” and “Ask and it’s yours.” We don’t realize that God is hearing our prayers and working behind the scenes. That’s why when I did a search about my little avocado seed, I just wanted to confirm that I was to plant the whole seed into soil now that it’s taken root. I didn’t realize what I had. I have 3 avocado seeds from my new healthy eating regimen and wanted to grow a few plants, but I believe, God is showing me that while I might be thinking on one scale, He might have something greater in store for us beyond measure!

seed or pit when its taken from avocado meat

I didn’t realize what I had…

When Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer started their ministries and even when TD Jakes started in ministry they have all pointed out how they started from humble beginnings but felt God’s call on their lives. God didn’t suddenly put a tree into their laps, but let them grow in seed form – He didn’t even tell them what He had for them. They had to continually grow under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, for a very long time. With my avocado seeds, I had to leave them in water first for them to become saturated in the water for a very long time, like we are filled and saturated with the Holy Spirit.


When the dream takes root…

Next, the seeds split open and the water took hold and roots started to grow from the bottom. The seeds actually shed their hard outer layer and you see the core of the seed. This takes a very long time and it is something where you can leave the seed in the water and keep adding fresh water and nothing happens for weeks or in my case, months. How many can say they had this happen with their new businesses or going back to school or a dream they were trying to birth?

Even when you can’t see it, keep watering…

Because a lot of what we do with God takes place behind the scenes, we might not see that dream right away. We know we have the potential because God gave the dreams and visions to us. How many people have written down in a journal what they saw in a dream or vision? How many have pages of this? Those are all seeds because remember, God’s already give to us all we need and He made the end from the beginning, so what we see has already come to pass. He’s giving us glimpses and like my small avocado seed, I’m seeing it take root!



Seeing signs of growth…
I had been watering my little avocado seed for months and nothing happened, but I live in an area with really direct sunlight so I didn’t want my seed cooking in the window. That may be what slowed its growth down – not enough light. One day, out of the blue, I saw a leaf! I screamed because I just wasn’t expecting it! I had this happen once with an orchid plant that actually pushed a stem closer to the natural light in the window and the stem was partially hidden behind my curtain. What I saw on my side was a plant with no flowers, but one day I pulled the curtain back and there were flower buds in the light because the stem pushed and grew into the direction it needed to be – in the light! What a metaphor! I didn’t know what it needed, but it knew. Just like in our lives, the Holy Spirit will guide us, give us direction, get us in the light to get more exposure and send people into our lives to help birth what God wants to spring forth.

I might need to move! 

My little avocado tree, now that I know it is going to be a tree, is still a shock to me because I thought it would be a small plant like an orchid, but only God knows what He has in store for us. Right now, I’m continuing to water my seedlings and I will keep reading on how to grow my trees. In your own life and with your business, marriage, etc., be sure to cultivate what you have and be that tree firmly planted with deep roots, unmovable and unwavering. Do this by learning the scriptures, knowing what verses to stand on in trials, and depending on God. You don’t know the plans He has for you! I’m so excited about the new things we will birth through our ministries, finances, debt cancellation, education, raising our families, new businesses, etc. Growth will come and while it might take time in our eyes, there is no time with God. It will happen. What He commands will happen. The visions He gives us, they shall come to pass. As I live in an apartment, God must have something great in store for me because this is what my little seed is going to become…

avocado tree

Fruit to feed many from generation to generation!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! May your soul prosper in God!

We hope we were able to help you realize your potential in God. We’d love to hear from you and please feel free to share our blog with others who might not know they have tree potential! God-Driven-Designs is a Christian, inspirational gift store and prayer card ministry. We sell everything fromprayer cards and plaques, to t-shirts and inspiring gift sets. We also work inevent planning and help ministries and businesses with their marketing materials. Be sure to check out our  Inspirational Blog where you can see great messages and ministry clips. Be sure to check out our new faith-based Movie page and Events page for details on concerts, cruises, new movies and shows! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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