Steps to Help You Succeed When You Need Help Right Away…

With available resources like Work at Home Mom articles, prayer cards and online tips, when you find yourself up against the ropes, that’s not the time to give up. It’s a time to pray and tap into all available resources. We’re more than conquerors. Turn to the scriptures, online resources and all available tools that can help streamline your goals and turn your situation around. You can and will become stronger, more confident and bolder – Right now!


Old things are past away. It’s time to heal from the past…

One of the first places to start with is letting go of old hurts. Because people used us, hurt us and may have abused us, there’s a lot of excess baggage we carry. Years ago, the show Starting Over would have ladies who were trying to rebuild their lives carry around sand bags to help them understand all the extra weight they were carrying. Sometimes that weight is from old relationships sucking the life out of us. It’s time to cut the cord! Cut the old, negative ties off and draw closer to God in prayer. Know that anything that’s behind you is there for a reason. You can’t walk forward if you keep looking back. Check out Iyanla Vanzant, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer or Marianne Williamson.

PrayerCardDrawCloserDraw nigh unto God…

In order to find out what God has for you, it helps to change your mood and atmosphere. Get in your prayer closet, or find some space alone so you can write out what you need right now and where you want to go with your life. By going to God with this, you’re actually mapping out a plan. Remember to let your requests be made known unto God – not man. Only God can change your circumstance. Sometimes we try without God, but that’s where we make our biggest mistakes. Pray and ask God for wisdom. What is it you need right now? What do you want to do with your future? Go back to school and get your degree? Pay off credit card debts? Get fit again? Write it down, pray, and ask God to help guide you in the directions where you need it. Look for David Bach, Our Blog, God-Driven-Designs, Your Move with Andy Stanley and Joel Osteen for inspiration.


Cut the stress…

When we’re stressed, we’re distracted and can’t hear clearly from God. We also make mistakes and stress can contribute to health problems. If you have a lot of debt, find a free debt counseling service. Make sure they’re reputable and seek out ways to lower credit card debts and cut extra spending. If you are going through a separation or divorce, look for tips online about how to heal from a break-up or find counseling tips that can help resolve issues and differences. The same goes if you have a falling out with a friend, co-worker or relative. Give the relationship a little space, be willing to compromise, apologize and accept that people are different and won’t always agree. Check with Iyanla Vanzant, NFCC or Greenpath.

Getting life back on track…PrayerCardAffirmations
If you’re short on cash, look for articles online like Work at Home Moms, or Top Ways to Earn Money Online and all of these have great ideas that can put cash in your pockets. You can sell things on Ebay, have a yard sale, run errands for people or work online freelance. If you need to go back to school, pray about it and let God guide you. If you’re looking for full-time work and a part-time opp opens up, it might help so you have some money coming in until something else opens up. Pray about it and let God guide you.


Take a breather and rest in God…

The word says to be anxious for nothing. That means we have to trust God and not stress over life. To become more successful, you have to balance work and play. Part of play is rest. Schedule at least a half afternoon a week or a day if you can, and try to rest. Book that spa day! Run a bubble bath, get a mani/pedi or do your own nails and get that cookie or little piece of chocolate! The goal is to trust God that in making plans, you are giving Him time to work on your behalf. Put on that good, relaxing music and rest…


Look for the window…

God always gives us a way out or a new opportunity. We just have to look for it and see what door or window is open and ask God for confirmation. It might be a new job, a back to school opportunity, or a way to get your plans and goals into high gear. Ask God for direction and know He will always make the way!

Magnet Today I Speak

Speak what you want…

Because words bring life and healing, speak positive affirmations every day – even when you don’t feel them, and especially when you don’t feel them. It might be hard to catch yourself if you say something negative, but try to always remain positive, speak life and see the good in things. New and better things are coming to you and better days are ahead. Believe you shall have everything you ask for in prayer!

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