Feeling Alone? Make Turkey Cookies…

You probably just said “What?” Yeah, that’s what I say, too, but as a kid, I taught myself to make cookies – although they tasted like turkey, and learned to rest in God. Don’t feel lonely when you’re alone, God has not left you. He is always there with you!

Andy Stanley had a great message on today and said, “Don’t confuse God’s absence for apathy.” We think that when God is not present and working on “our stuff” that He’s not there. The prodigal son’s brother felt this and so did Mary and Martha. Even John felt this when he was imprisoned and Jesus was ministering to others. We have to remember that God is ALWAYS with us, remember, all-knowing, all-powerful, but sometimes He’s visible and speaks to us and sometimes He’s quiet so we don’t know He was there until He’s passed by like with Moses. Just remember to stay in God’s shadow and trust God that He’s always there…but sometimes, it can be hard.

Home Cookin’….

I went through this as a kid. My mom worked a lot and I would be home alone for hours at a time. It was me and ‘I Love Lucy’ or me and ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and she would call and check on me and I would tell her that I was fine, and I was eating cookies and the angels were with me. I didn’t always feel this way though. Sometimes she would leave and I would get scared and think she wasn’t coming back. I’d try to call 911 or call my mom’s job, but usually ended up calling some random number and after talking to some stranger, I’d get bored and hang up. I’d  then go and bake macaroni or cookies – at the age of 9? 10? I was very active and my dolls and I ate good while mom was away! Well, sort of. I mirrored what I saw her do, so my macaroni was hard noodles in cold water that I put in the glass dish in the oven with sliced cheese on top. I couldn’t figure out why my noodles were crunchy!

The point though, is that God was with me. While I first thought something happened to my mom, which is natural – that’s separation anxiety, I had angels who would comfort me and I’d come up with some recipe I saw my mother make, and with my disastrous macaroni, I turned my attention to cookies, so I baked my own cookies with butter, flour, nutmeg and cloves or all-spice…Hey! I said I was 9 or 10!

Turkey Cookie Recipe

(From what I remember – please don’t actually make these at home)

1-2 sticks of butter, a cup of sugar and flour, seasoning to taste.

Mix the butter, sugar and flour together and turn the oven on to 200.

Put the dough on a cookie sheet in clumps.

Add some vanilla or whatever kind of extract you see and then sprinkle in

whatever seasoning that you can reach in the cabinet.

This can include nutmeg, season all, all-spice, cloves, paprika and cinnamon.

Put in the oven until you smell them.

Then wait for them to cool, taste them and

share with friends. Don’t cry if they don’t like them,

you can still go watch I Love Lucy or Love Boat.

Feeling God’s Presence…

The fact is, when we can’t see God or feel His presence, He’s still with us. God is ever-present. We also serve a living God who is always there protecting us, so whenever my mom would call and check on me, I was good! My cookies were bad and “tasted like turkey” – that was according to a neighborhood boy about my age who frowned when I put decorative paprika on my cookies, but hey, I was resting in God and so should you!

No matter what you go through or who is there and then leaves you, or makes you feel like you’re left behind – because sometimes the devil will try to turn your thoughts about being alone into loneliness, know that you’re never alone. You mean so much to God. You mean so much to the body of Christ and your life matters! Now go make some turkey cookies and rest in God’s promises! P.S. Don’t make the cookies, that’s a metaphor, but yes, do rest in God!

Kassandra, God-Driven-Designs

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