Are you Eating the Word, or Just having a Snack?

“What did that pastor say?” Sometimes on Sundays we get so high on the music that we don’t ingest the Word. Then we’re faced with adversity and we have nothing to fight the devil with.

PrayerCardHowtoseekGodoutIt happens every week. We load up on the pastor’s word on Sunday, our tanks full of gas, we’re riding high from the Holy Spirit and we drive around on that until Monday morning when reality kicks back in and the devil starts causing doubt again. Then when we need a word, we say, “What did Pastor say?” We mumble what we think it is, but that’s not enough. there were demons who were in the Bible who when the disciples tried to cast them out they said, “The son of God we know, but who are you?”

In order to fight the good fight of faith, we have to stand on God’s word as Jesus taught us say, “It is written…” God won’t always step in because in some seasons when the teacher is silent, he expects the student to recite back what he’s learned. It’s simple memorization and commitment to focusing on eating the word instead of just getting high from it. That’s why some churches are looked at as night clubs because people go in to dance, meet and greet, and make friends, but they don’t eat the word. They don’t know what they need to do in times of trouble.


Revival is great because it revives the spirit, but for all pastors and leaders, there has to be teaching with it. For all believers, there has to be listening and obeying. I was watching Charles Stanley once with my mom and she took out a note pad. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m taking notes so I can reference it later when I need it.” I then thought about my own life. How many times directly after a message can we remember the message or the scriptures?

PrayerCardDrawCloserI once met a minister I was briefly witnessing to – because I didn’t know he was in ministry, but he witnessed to me. He asked me what was the sermon title, message and scripture from Sunday. I couldn’t remember. That’s where Christians and believers fall short. We hold the word in short term memory which is where that praising and dancing and getting filled goes, but long term memory requires a repeat of the information in order to retain it. Because we don’t repeat it, it won’t remain.

The devil loves us going to church and getting filled up with singing and dancing because that’s not the word, but he hates Christians and believers who study the word and take the time to learn the scriptures. When you can say, “No, I don’t receive that sickness because it is written by Jesus’s stripes I am healed,” or “No, I cancel the root of that debt because it is written that God supplies all my needs, you are putting the word to work on your behalf. My people suffer for lack of knowledge, but wisdom is free and God gives it to us everyday, if we ask for it. Please forward this to all believers. We have to be stronger in the word because we’re coming up against a devil and wicked times where if you don’t know and work the word, there won’t be time to say, “What did that pastor say back in July about this?” God-Driven-Designs

Kassandra, God-Driven-Designs

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