It was a simple thing really. The bulb blew out and when I replaced it, light suddenly flooded the room. I realized the bulb I was using before was a lower wattage. I now had light to read by as the brighter bulb illuminated everything.

PrayerCardHowtoRelyonGodLet your light shine before men to honor God…

Right now, we need prayer. the nation needs to pray as a whole and we need to step-up our ministries. Like the story about the virgins in the Bible with their wicks burning waiting for the bridegroom, we have to know when to turn our lights on. Businesses and churches are failing. Mass shooters are leaving people in a panic – so now it’s safe to go back to the malls but campuses aren’t safe? We need prayer and we need churches that will bring their ministries out into the street. The problem with the shooting at the Oregon campus is the devil is sending a message that Christians should cower, run and hide, and turn their lights down. That’s what the devil wants. He did it with Peter.

PrayerCardHowtoseekGodout“You will deny me three times.” “No, Lord, I would never do that.”

Peter denied Jesus, everyone knows that story, but not everyone knows that we have the authority over the devil. While some people may want to run and hide, as they may not have an understanding of God’s word, Jesus gave us authority over this world. The devil attacks people who don’t know who they are in Christ. It is written, My children suffer for lack of knowledge. If you hide, then you fear man and we’re not to fear any man. Seek out wisdom and know the authority we have in Christ.


Fear not for I am with thee…

The Bible teaches us, The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous go in and they are safe. We have to stand up for Christ and rise up now to teach people to not fear man or the wrath of man. God is the authority and God is in control. People are afraid to go into malls, churches and campuses and we don’t want to have a nation or a planet where people don’t leave their homes. We should be able to go about freely and trust God to cover us and supply all our needs. The devil is trying to strike fear because he’s looking for are Christians and people with weak faith to cower and be afraid. We need to tell people not to be afraid. That’s the devil trying to strike fear in them.


I will never leave you nor forsake you…

October 2nd,the day of the UCC shooting, the Bible Gateway scripture for the day was Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe, Proverbs 29:25. this is a time when all churches need to step up and stand up and voice the scriptures to help people understand that we are not to faint in the face of adversity. These are the end times. We know we will hear about wars and Christians being persecuted because everything is in the Bible and it’s all coming to pass as it is written. They rose up against Jesus, too!


Can you turn your lights on so I can see you?

A friend who has a lot of family in Israel has been sharing links with me about all the violence that has taken place there. Palestinians have been attacking Jews and throwing stones and boulders at their vehicles or attacking them outright. They’re even targeting Palestinians who look like Jews! What we need is prayer. Despite the fact that Obama said “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” that’s not true. We need to pray and we need to share God’s word with as many as we can because remember we serve a living God whose word doesn’t leave void. God will defend Israel and Jesus is coming for the church, but Beloved, also know that God’s wrath is coming to this world because man is taking God out of schools, churches, etc.

Trust God. Ask for His covering and pray for and with those who are afraid and in fear of an attack…

For Christians, we must trust and obey God, ask for His covering and pray for mercy and covering for everyone. It is written, But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him, John 4:23. This is not the time to cower and turn our lights down or off, but to turn them up, pray for others and let our ministry lights shine.


What can I do? What should my church do now?

For starters, pray. Have more corporate prayer. We also need fasting prayer in these end times. We also need prayer vigils and outreach initiatives in all communities. Churches may want to pray for or at their local schools and pray over the malls and other public areas. Also, make more of a presence online through various Christian initiatives such as #YesImaChristian or your own ministry site and reach out to others. Talk with people in your community, pray at train stations and bus stops. Encourage one another. As it relates to outreach ministries, reach out to communities.


Can you hear the Holy Spirit knocking?

There are so many different types of ministries that promote help and healing. Start a sick and shut in ministry and go and visit those that need prayer. Take prayer cards – in large font to seniors and Our Daily Bread so people have something to keep them encouraged. Give out Bibles. Witness at homeless shelters and on street corners. Go to the games and take your sports ministry. Play for the players and teams. Have a biker ministry and play for all bikers and their motorcycles. Now is not the time to buckle under the weight and shut the light off, but flood the area with light.

Setting up a brighter runway…

When a plane lands, it needs lights on the runway to show the direction and the path. Even in a tunnel, a train uses lights to ensure there’s no debris on the tracks. Light, when it floods in, illuminates a room and can outline a path to help people find their way and not trip over a stumbling block. We are that light. We need to let others know to not be afraid. Jesus is near, God is covering us and watching over us. Remember, Jesus is coming back for His church, not in the middle of a mess, but when it’s on one accord. If we want Air Force Jesus to touch down, we have to turn our lights up and it starts with each of us right now…

cross candles

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