Ever have the feeling like you know you should be going deeper in God, but you’re worried about the unknown? While you want to dive deep and explore all God has for you, you might have fears or negative thoughts holding you back.

You might be afraid to lose control. You can also not want to move because of fear of the unknown. We sometimes don’t make changes when everything is going good because we don’t want to rock the boat, so to speak. That’s usually when Jesus comes and shakes things up to let us know that He’s got us and not to lean on our own understanding…


What if I’m afraid…

You might find yourself paralyzed in fear or worried about things the enemy tries to block your path with or you’re worried about losing control and God taking everything away. That’s what most Christians go through but with God, there’s no worry…


Turning your “I CAN’T” into an “I CAN”…

While your enemy might try to paralyze you in fear so you won’t move, or they spread a net for you to fall into, know that the Bible says that they will fall into that pit they’ve dug instead. For you though, keep moving forward in God, spread a wide net, enlarge your tent and widen your territory. For God to use you effectively, you have to step over the enemy’s attack and not focus on them. Take the leap with God and know that He has you. Like the Children of Israel at the Red Sea, God has hidden paths man doesn’t know about.


PrayerCardWhyDontYouStopWorryingBackStay focused and take the leap of faith with God…

Focus your efforts on doing the work you need to so you can accomplish great things.

  • The enemy tries to get you to gripe and complain or they talk about you – Ignore them and go back to school.
  • The enemy wants to accuse you of something or hold your past against you – Rebuke them and build a new business.
  • The enemy tries to hold you back from promotion or a position of status – Trust God to elevate you higher.


Stand on God’s promises…

The enemy is under your feet, so use the scriptures as a stepping stool to achieve greater things. You have to think corporate, global and scaling because when God sends blessings, He does it generationally and on a large scale You want the light bill paid, God’s sending you seeds and dreams so you can own the light company. Your enemy will always try to shift your focus and attention on them because the devil wants you to feel insecure, feel less-than, and feel uncomfortable, but know who you are, (A Child of God) and whose you are, (Chosen by God). You are blessed. You are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation. Royalty doesn’t focus on petty. Step over that and spread your nets in the direction God has for you and don’t be afraid to take that leap, because if God says do it, He will be with you. He won’t let your foot slip, He won’t let you suffer shame and He has great things in store for you when you obey, and BELIEVE!

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

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