Going Through a Football Slump?

Feeling down or distant? Your team’s losses and injuries might be causing you to go through a slump…That’s right, a losing team or a season ending injury can affect men…

Studies show that men are affected emotionally by football. When their teams are doing well, they rally and get excited. When their team is losing, or if a player is injured, a man’s mood may change as he’s unsure how they can pull off the next win. For example, this year Dallas has won 2 games and they have 7 losses, so for some men, this is big – If you’re laughing right now, chances are you’re not a Dallas fan.
Seeing Seasonal Changes
Most teams that are usually up this time of year are down, so this can be very confusing in terms of how the season will end and who will go to the Super Bowl. Remember back in September when you were all excited and it was chips and salsa for everyone? That’s still there, but it just might be that now you’re trying to sort out what your teams are doing.
A study was done by the Mental Health Foundation Group in the UK and they focused on how men may have mood swings based on football season: shock, anger, excitement, frustration, elation and so forth. The important thing for you to remember is your team will have ups and downs, so keep the entire season in perspective.
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Keeping Team Injuries and Game Losses in Perspective
One injury won’t end the season for the whole team and it might mean other players have to step up. Even if the top team is now looking like the underdog, take it in stride and get ready for a great Super Bowl game and baseball in the spring!
So don’t worry, you’re probably just in a football slump…Think about all the year’s your team was winning big and that should help you reflect on past wins and also focus on next season – and baseball in the spring!
When it Feels Like You’re in a Slump
Sometimes in life we go through slumps like these, too. We feel like God is distant, like life isn’t where it should be or like we’re off-track. The greatest thing to remember is that just like God was there for us before, He will be there and He will deliver us again. Stay strong and stay encouraged. Just look at the Saints…
The New Orleans Saints have been down this season and their way to inspire their fans is to show highlights of winning games from past seasons and show great plays by players like Cook who ran for over 70 yards last week. With our walk with Christ, it’s also to reflect back on winning moments when God was there so we can get back on track with our thoughts.  Know that we walk by faith – not sight, and no matter what it looks like, all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord. Please keep all teams, players, their families, coaches and staff in prayer for a safe season, traveling grace and mercies.

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