Flights are diverted. Bombs are going off. People are scared, on edge and ready to give up. This is not a time to panic or be afraid, but to rest in God…

Sometimes God shakes things up, alot! While it looks like it’s the end of the world, it just might be a shifting in the atmosphere, wheat separating from chaff, a time to get that Bible out, repent and draw close(r) to God. We prayed for a resolution to the terrorist attacks and sometimes when you shine a light in darkness, there are more attacks exposing the enemy. The enemy is on the run and we have to stand firm in faith. One can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand.

And Jesus slept…

We all know that Jesus slept on the boat during the storm. He could. He was Jesus…He could also walk on water, too. Jesus probably turned up the storm to demonstrate His authority to show us we should have no fear. Try sleeping when you’re kids are up or they’re having nightmares about bombings and are afraid to go to school. Maybe you’re afraid to go to work because you don’t want to be in a large, populated area or you don’t want to say, “Yes, I’m a Christian,” or you don’t want to leave the house because you just don’t know…


Take Rest in God…

The greatest resource that we have is we serve an all-knowing and all-powerful God, so He knows what’s going on. He sees and He also hears our prayers. The Bible says we’re in the world, but not of the world and Jesus said that we will hear about rumors of wars. He also told the disciples to speak to the storm, speak to the mountain and anything else that you need moved. We are also not to fear man or the wrath of man, so when you have the news on and you hear about terrorist threats, turn the news off. Open your Bible and read about God’s promises to never leave us nor forsake us. Jesus also gave us His peace and when we need to, just ask for it.

5 Ways to Tune Out Fearful Thoughts and Anxiety:

  1. Turn off the news. Pray for our planet and nation, but don’t keep filtering in fear. Tune it out and turn it off. Turn on a ministry message, put on relaxing music, read your Bible, put on a comedy, go to the gym or do yoga and meditate.
  2. Tune out the naysayers. When people try to get you to think fear, rebuke it, don’t agree, and walk away. We walk by faith not by sight, so it’s important to stand on God’s promises to cover us and keep us.
  3. Pray over your family and pray for your friends, neighbors and loved ones. Pray for our doctors, fire department, nurses, EMTs, the military and the government. Pray for those traveling over the holidays for traveling grace and mercies.
  4. Reinforce “No Fear” to others. When people ask if you’re afraid, tell them no, and tell them why: Jesus. Also be sure to rebuke any feelings of fear, doubt, worry or anxiety. We walk by faith, not fear.
  5. Rest. Like Jesus did, go take a nap, put your feet up, take a bubble bath, bake some cookies, or put on a movie. Mary and Martha are another example of resting, so yup, tell your family to make their own dinner and go relax!


Only Speak the Word

With the harvest from his lips…The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. This is a verse from Proverbs and now in these uncertain times, we serve a Certain God, meaning God will always make the way. God will always provide. God will always cover and keep us, so don’t agree with fear at work or school. It might mean you’re put on the spot when someone tries to get you to agree and they ask, “You’re scared of all this stuff on the news, right?” Stand firm on God and say, “No, I trust God. He will protect us. The Lord will make the way and keep us.” Stand on God and speak the Word. You’re casting fear out of your heart and thoughts and giving God the permission to work on your behalf. If you’re worried, feeling anxious or uncertain, pray this prayer…

Prayer for Peace

“Father God in the name of Jesus, I praise you because you are the Most High God, Creator of all things, and you know all things. Forgive our sins that our prayers might be heard. We enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise. We are fearlessly and wonderfully made. Please renew our minds so we don’t walk in fear. We know perfect love casts out all fear and you loved us by sending Jesus, so we plead the blood of Jesus and stand boldly as Jesus told us to. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. We pray for our planet, our nation, our families, friends and loved ones. We pray over our children, our military and those defending us all over the world. We pray for healing and peace. We pray for a shift in the atmosphere and we call on you Lord. We need your mercy and grace. Please cover us in the name and blood of Jesus, protect us and keep of free from harm. Let no harm come near our dwelling places. Help us to find your peace and rest in you. You said you will never leave us nor forsake us and that our latter days would be better than the former. We praise you for victory over the enemy and every adversary is defeated in Jesus name, amen.”

No weapons formed against me shall prosper….EVER!

Did you hear the last part of the prayer? Every adversary is defeated because we’re covered in the blood of Jesus. You know that’s in the Bible. Yup, check it out. Hate to give away the ending, but we win and we are victorious! God bless you, stay covered, prayed up and keep praising God. We have the victory and everything will be alright when you trust God in Jesus name!

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