Family Drama? Take Jesus With You…

Got Family Drama? No need to dread the day. Just take Jesus with you to Thanksgiving dinner this year…
  • Pray before you arrive, not in front of everyone where they can hear you “Lord, I’m about to go off in here…”
  • Greet everyone kindly, and not with gritted teeth
  • Season your food and your words with salt
  • Turn your wine into water, i.e., don’t drink
  • Walk only in love and step over the comatose football fans watching the game
  • Ask for wisdom and God will give you the words you need. That doesn’t mean to pray, “Lord, who am I going to tell off first?”
  • Let your light shine: Help out with the dishes, take out the trash and clear the table, and lastly…
  • Walk away if you sense tensions are high or family want to fuss about old drama. Old things are passed away, right? Yeah right!
And lastly…
Remember not to throw turkey legs, wings, spoons, napkins, biscuits or dinner rolls. Everyone has a smartphone and we’ll see you before it hits the nightly news and we prefer not to have the game interrupted. Not only that, even if you throw only the stuffing, it’s considered assault, and while there’s minimal to no prison time, you won’t get back from the police station in time for dessert, but the good news is you will have someone in your cell to talk about your family drama with…Happy Thanksgiving!
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Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors
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