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Let there be peace, and joy on earth!

Remember feeling like a kid at Christmas? You couldn’t sleep and every thump was probably Santa Claus. Now we hear a car backfiring and we’re startled, or we turn on the news and see disaster after disaster, another shooting, another fire, and another attack…

With the holidays underway, it’s important to choose happiness, peace and joy despite what’s going on in the news and around us. Be alert, yes, but always remember that Jesus overcame the world and He wants us to have child-like faith. He also said to Be of good cheer. Ways you can do this include:

  • Turn the news off and read Psalm 37 and Psalm 91 as a reminder that God is with us and we’re not to fear what’s going on around us but to trust God
  • Pray with our families and neighbors and pray for our nation, the world and all those in need
  • Find happy activities to remind you of your childhood: sledding, making hot cocoa and cookies, listening to holiday music

By turning off the news – which can ellicit fear, and tapping into what God and Jesus have promised us (protection, grace, mercy, covering and wisdom), we can better enjoy the holidays and have that child-like faith as we rest in God’s promises!




Volunteer Work: If you’re thinking about volunteering over Christmas, we have a few ideas for you. You can donate clothes to a homeless shelter, send a donation to a confirmed charity such as the Salvation Army, you can give out meals, give kids gifts over Christmas, help the Post Office with Dear Santa programs, and consider spending time at a nursing home as a volunteer. Our work is unto the Lord and when we give to the least of these, we give to Jesus…



EASY RECIPES Keep mom out of the kitchen with these easy recipes:

Easy Gratin Potatoes: Add scallions, sour cream, chives, cayenne, and other favs!

Quick Tuna Salad: Elbow macaroni with tuna and diced onion. Easy, fast and filling!

Quick Oatmeal Cookies: The secret’s in the toppings: Add chocolate chips, coconut, nuts or raisins.

No Bake Cookies: Yup, chocolate heaven and tasty as ever!


Snow Time

Ready to shop for inspirational gifts? Whether it’s for you or your church, God-Driven-Designs has lots of inspiration gift ideas. Let everyday be filled with peace and joy…

20141015_132044 (1).jpg

Gift plaques, mirrors, magnets and note cards are all on sale and make the perfect holiday gift that you can use all year long.




Shop now for yourself, friends and family or your church family… We have special holiday deals that make shopping for your church family just right! See our offers below…



Need a gift set for your church? Order one of the gift baskets below, or let us customize a basket for your church.




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Holiday baskets can be custom designed and come loaded with prayer cards, seed cards, and everything you need to inspire others. Order them for your church, your family or your business.




Our personalized baskets are also a great way to inspire others. Loaded with prayer cards, seed cards, motivational ministry messages and note cards, they also can include spa products and personalized items – the perfect gift for someone in your church or as a treat for yourself…




When you need prayer cards and inspirational holiday gifts, shop with God-Driven-Designs. Also be sure to check out our ministry blog for great messages, deals, music, and quotes from top leaders and pastors.

Thank you for checking out our newsletter. We pray you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you Father God for giving us Jesus, the greatest gift of all:

For unto us a child was born, unto us a son was given…Isaiah 9:6


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