Best Football Party Ideas

From chicken nugget helmets to whoopie pie footballs, we have lots of great ideas for your game day party. The Super Bowl is February 7th and that’s plenty of time to plan! Use these tips and shop with God-Driven-Designs for faith-based football prayer cards, seed cards, magnets and football game packages…

Ready? Set? Eat! For football inspired food, check out  the site Hungry Happenings for great football recipes like the chicken nugget helmets and footballs shown.  Who knew ranch dipping sauce could be so useful. Also try chipotle mayo and barbecue for your dipping sauces… football-and-helmet-shaped-chicken-nuggets-2
PrayerCardFootballTouchdown Take God to the Big Game On the 1-yard line? Have faith and use Football Touchdown Prayer Cards in your sports outreach ministry or as handouts at your party. Keep all teams and players, coaches and staff in prayer for a safe season!
Order an Assorted Football Ministry Package With inspirational magnets, motivational prayer cards and ministry seed cards, these gift packages are a great way to enjoy the game. Inserts include key chains, candy, magnets, seed cards, prayer cards and crosses. Priced from $49 you can order for 5 or up to 5,000 at Football Ad.jpg
Stadium-Dip It’s Party Time for the Whole Tailgate Crew! Because everyone is famished on game day, be sure to have an assortment of sandwiches, spreads, chips and dips! Check out Today’s the Best Day for easy to fix tailgate food ideas!

Tip: Keep your chips airtight so they  stay crunchy and put bread out just before serving so it doesn’t get hard. Keep your dips at the right temp and don’t leave chicken out! Read how to avoid food poisoning here…

 It’s always nice with icing! Use icing to make these football whoopie pies. If you don’t have time to make them from scratch, buy the whoopie pies and add the icing on top!

 MagnetFootballIcandoAllThings  Give a Little Lift! Another great giveaway is an inspirational football magnet. Perfect for the  fridge, a gym locker or tacked to a cork board.
 Score a Touchdown with Football Pizza! Easy to prepare, just order your favorite pizza and add slices of pepperoni with mozzarella on top. If the pizza shop doesn’t add this themselves, buy your own pepperoni and cheese and heat in the oven…  0113_superbowl_footballpizza.jpg
dbc47bc1decabe0dc34394fa662ac487 Go long with Football Fruit Salad Helmets! If the stores in your area aren’t carrying watermelons (seasonal), or you don’t have time to carve one, head to a party supply store and buy small plastic football helmets that you can fill with fruit!  Want to make the helmet? Check out how here…
Don’t Start the Game Without God For takeaways after the game, as you say goodbye to guests, give them each a football gift set. These include a motivational card with the Prayer of Salvation, a magnet, key chain and cologne sample…No need to go home smelling like Doritos… 20141027_120850.jpg
Easy Game Day Drinks… Ever see a party where people are drinking out of the same plastic colored cups and they don’t know which drink is theirs? Give them all name tags! Use mason jars or white label tape and create your football seams.  Perfect for soda, juice, iced tea, and water so your fans can stay hydrated!
Strong Men Lead the Way Seed Cards These little gift bag inserts are the perfect way keep men inspired and share the Prayer of Salvation. They can also carry these in their wallets and give them out to minister to others!

God-Driven-Designs is a Christian, inspirational gift store and blog. We sell inspiring gifts,  prayer cardsplaques, and t-shirts. We also work in event planning and help ministries and businesses with their marketing materials. Be sure to check out our  Inspirational Blog where you can see great messages and ministry clips! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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