Easy Confidence Builders You Can Do Right Now…

Self esteem levels affect everyone and whether you were the stellar athlete and most popular or you’re the shy one who veers away from the crowd, working on building confidence can increase your chances for success.

Poor self confidence can come from childhood bullies, family drama and how one was raised. That doesn’t mean that your history will determine your destiny. Consider these easy confidence boosters you can apply right now…

  • Start by making a list: Write down your goals, areas you want to work on, and things you want to accomplish. Seek out ways to check off your to do list and keep your list hidden in a safe place where you can check it regularly.
  • See yourself as positive and think positively. Don’t go by your problems, think of the solutions. You have valuable gifts and you are talented, so see the good and speak more positively about yourself and your situation. Don’t say, “I’ll never have that,” or “I’ll never be good enough.” See your value and contributions and find like minded people. Look for a women’s empowerment seminar in your area or through your church.
  • Dress the part. Successful people look successful and confident. Make sure your clothes are well-kept, do your hair nicely, take care of your teeth and nails and keep your make-up to a minimum. Don’t try to look like a celebrity or else you may come across as trying to look like a celebrity. Be the best you!
  • Update your wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a classic look, but you do have to pay attention to missing buttons, uneven hems, torn shirts, etc. Look for online style guides and find one that’s perfect for you!
  • Work on diet and healthy eating. A well balanced diet is great for your body and by not over snacking this can cut down excess calories. Tempted to munch and graze? Buy sugarless gum, eat carrots and celery, or snack on healthy nuts low in salt. Have an apple a day and this will also curb cravings and ease digestion.
  • Get out and walk. Exercise is healthy for the body and mind. It releases endorphins that make us feel good and by exercising, you can break a sweat to help fight off excess weight and help you to stay healthy for life.
  • Get enough sleep. Try 8-9 hours a night and you’ll find that you will wake up alert and refreshed. Limit caffeine after 2pm, and try to have a calming bath before bedtime. You can also spritz your sheets with lavender spray and this can help give you a good night’s rest.
  • Decrease the stress levels in your life. If work is too stressful and causes anxiety, speak to your doctor to ensure your pressure and heart rate aren’t being affected as stress can put added strain on your heart and kidneys. Consider taking a yoga or meditation class and take regular vacations. If the job stress is too much, consider taking a position that’s less stressful. Your health is more important.
  • Clean your spaces. That means your desk and work area, your car and your home. By organizing and cleaning, this can help to minimize clutter.
  • Take time out for yourself. Do something you enjoy during the day: a laugh from a social media Meme, reading a scripture that empowers you, having a little peanut butter with your apple, or eating a small piece of chocolate. Small rewards help to build confidence, too!
  • Take up a new hobby. Sign up for piano, dance, yoga or a gym trial membership. Do something that takes you out of your element so you can have fun with other people.
  • Set goals that are challenging and some that are easy. Sign up for a new language class and plan to visit that country when you master the language. Go for karaoke. Take a cooking class and invite friends to dinner.
  • Make a procrastination list and don’t procrastinate about doing it. What are the things you know you should have completed but you keep putting off. Break the list down into easy parts so instead of ‘Learn QuickBooks’ you can write, ‘Read the first chapter in the QuickBooks tutorial,’ or ‘Watch 3 YouTube videos about QuickBooks.’ Small steps still get you over the mountain, eventually.
  • Consider others. Find a little time to call someone and check in. Let them talk and you listen. Give a little gift to a friend. Check on someone who was sick. Send a card or an e-card.
  • Get a group together. Sign up for a walkathon. Volunteer at an event together. Work on a community project. Help out at the neighborhood yard sale or start one.
  • Get out and meet people. Find an event and attend it. Maybe it’s a concert, an art exhibit, but once a month, do something new that’s out with new people and talk to them.
  • Sign up for something “out of the box”. If you are shy, consider karaoke or public speaking. If you are single, go on a reputable speed date in your area through your church. Consider a tour group where you can meet new people and learn about something new.

With so many great ways to build your confidence, help you to feel good about getting your life organized and areas where you can have fun and be assertive, you’re well on your way to building confidence!

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