Growth Takes Time…

Why on earth would someone tell me to cut my avocado tree after its started growing? This is what I thought when I first looked up articles on growing your own avocado tree, and now I know that pruning leads to substantially more consistent growth… and this is the same thing God does with us.

Though He slay me, yet shall I trust Him…

No one likes being cut down, cut off, isolated, rejected or pruned God’s way, but that’s what He does in different seasons. The reason we need spiritual pruning is so that our foundation can go deeper in God. The crazy thing is sometimes it will come from the most painful trial that sends you running to God or praying fervently.  We’ve all read the scripture, “The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.” The problem is, a lot of times we won’t pray fervently if there’s no trial to make us need God.

Shown: Avocado Trees in Different Stages of Growth

If you’re home streaming Hulu, you’re not praying fervently, you’re watching a weekend full of fun and engaging content that carelessly streams one episode after the next, and of course, you’re in your favorite stretchy pants! BUT if you have a relative in the hospital or you’re going through a health crisis of you’re own, whoa! Where’s the remote? Shut that thing off! We need to get in our prayer closet. Jesus is on the mainline..That’s pruning, well, part of it.

GDD Deeply Rooted

With my avocado tree, I pruned it gently once when it first started to bud. Now, some genius on the Internet is telling me to cut the head off so the root will become thicker – which it needs. I have what looks like a 3-foot tall twig, with lots of little twigs, but don’t tell it that I called it “Twig.” When I water her and open the drapes, it’s only, “Good Morning, My Darling! Look at your beautiful buds today!” Hey, I’m also working on a Confident Women series so I don’t want my tree to get a complex!


Growth takes time…

Okay, about the growth takes time part. No, this is not about me and my avocado baby, because Internet specialists have suggested that it will definitely take me 4-5 years before I have home grown avocados, unless I head to Whole Foods or the local farmer’s market and lie as I’m serving my next frittata. The growth part is about the pruning for the root to expand. My “Darling” can’t stand on her own yet because her limbs are so top heavy, but the pruning will help to build a firm foundation to support her growing weight and that I believe, is what God wants for all of us: To not get a big head, to stay humble and continue to grow slowly and consistently and to have deeper roots and a firmer foundation. Reminds me of the song, “On Christ the solid rock I stand. All others they are sinking sand.”

And that’s not all. Now I’m hearing I have to grow another plant so they can germinate? What is that, like plant dating? Hopefully I’ll have another 2-3 years before I have to look that one up. Oh, they grow up so fast…

Hands Holding a Seedling and Soil

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