Building your spiritual muscles isn’t always easy, but remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God…

T.D. Jakes talked the other day about a body builder lifting big weights. He said when someone comes to “spot” the body builder, they don’t actually lift the weights, but use a few fingers to let the person know that they are there in case they need help. 

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Because God wants us to tap into our faith muscles and work them out more, we may find situations where we feel like we need a “spot” or help lifting a heavy load, but we must have faith that God is there.

In undergrad when I was struggling with statistics, I crammed for the midterm. My mom was going through cancer treatments and I was mentally and emotionally spent, but I took the bus overnight from PA to NY to complete my midterm. I was so proud to have my little overhead light on while I studied on the bus. I also prayed there were no knife wielding thugs, bed bugs, deer on the highway, etc. Hey, I said I was on a bus going from PA to NY!

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After I took my midterm I felt great, praised God and was on my way back to PA when I got some very alarming news – I failed the midterm! I was in shock and cried profusely. I ran to my mom like a little child because I just didn’t understand. Turns out I didn’t follow the instructions which clearly stated to turn in the paper that you used to write out your formulas and answers. I thought, “Huh?” The extra piece of paper? I threw that out – and that was why I failed. My mom prayed, waved her hand over me like she does at Macy’s when she’s standing in front of the Karen Scott rack praying for a sale, and so we trusted God.


We walk by faith, not by sight…

The department chair told me that while they understood, rules were rules. He also said the only way I could now pass the course was if I got an “A” on the final. I got off the phone, looked at my mom and she put up her hand in the air and said, “Lord, we decree an A, not just for my baby, but for everyone. Give them favor, Lord.” I cried as my mom ushered me into the bedroom with all my books and notes and told me to study. Traveling back by bus, I was determined to get an “A”. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Write out all your formulas.” I thought, okay. Whatever it takes. So I hand wrote everything neatly – and I mean everything, from the beginning of the semester. Exhausted and spent, I went straight to the school loaded down with coffee, Luna bars and all the candy my mom gave me. Covered in prayer, I went to take the exam.

Magnet Confident Women All Things.jpg

The exam was being proctored in Mercy Hall which was a former chapel – How appropriate I thought! I called on every angel, bowed and made the sign of the cross, looked up at the stain glass windows and prayed as I lined up pens, pencils and candy. I wrote my name on the extra paper, vowing not to forget to turn it in and made a sign of the cross on my page when the announcer spoke. “Please put all books away. If you have any notes, you are welcome to use them for the exam.” I got my “A”!

Not by might nor by strength, but God’s spirit…

No matter what you’re going through, always remember that God has already seen the end result. He’s already seen you healed from cancer – like my mommie! He’s already seen you graduate and open that new business and He’s already seen you pay all those bills off, put your kids through college and live debt free! Whatever your dream is, whatever you’re passionate about, be committed to it and leave room for God to show up and show out in your life! To God be the glory! Great things He hath done!

Ask God for a sign…

If you are ever unsure, pray and ask God for a sign. He will direct you. You may hear what you need in the Word, through a message, another person or an angel! Let God lead and direct you…

Prayer: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord I thank you for all you are teaching me. Please lead, guide and direct me. Help me on my path. I know you won’t put more on me than I can bare, but I do ask for more spiritual discernment, wisdom and strength, angels  to help me and increased heavenly counsel to guide the way. I praise you for every victory over the enemy. The devil is under my feet and no weapons formed against me shall prosper. Use me for your purpose and glory to advance your kingdom. I give you all the glory, in Jesus name, amen.


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