Going through a test? It might help to see it from two perspectives so you can better understand what’s going on and interpret how to respond…

The enemy’s perspective: The devil is setting you up, hoping you stay in the flesh, lash out with your emotions and stay in darkness which will lead to eternal damnation and cause you to eventually spontaneously combust! Seriously though, while that sounds dramatic, it’s not too far from the truth. The devil comes to rob, kill, steal and destroy. His goal is to keep you in the flesh and full of confusion and distractions, so you can’t hear from God, i.e., keep you in the dark, you can’t see the light.


Picture this: You turn all the lights out in the living room and try to walk through. You can do it, right? Of course you can because your memory will trigger in your brain a general idea of where the TV is and the edge of the sofa, but that’s not what the devil does. Try turning the light out and spinning in circles super fast. Now try to make your way in total darkness. Not only is your orientation off, your placement is askew because you may now have to crawl, shuffle, reach out your hand and hope you don’t hit the edge of the coffee table or stub your toe.

How do you get out?


Well first, let’s look at what the enemy is trying to do. With distractions, confusion, stress and other things that can cause you to stress, he’s hoping you’ll panic, walk in the flesh, etc. To combat this: Stay in the Spirit. Don’t walk in the flesh and don’t war in the flesh. In that dark room example, ask God to turn on a light…

Now, let’s look at a different perspective, God’s…

God’s perspective: As a Child of God, He sometimes sets up these tests and trials so you can learn how to call on Him, lean on Him and walk with Him, in any situation, including the dark, well, let’s change that to especially in the dark. When you can find your way with God’s light shining, you can make the way for others. *You see, this is what the devil doesn’t want you to do, learn by example, so you can help others out.

Magnet Confident Women I can do all things.jpg

God wants you to not watch the game on the big screen, but get on the field – don’t worry, He knows this is new, so you can play and win the game. Now, here’s the key to getting out of all that stress…

Walk in love, keep your peace, and stay in the Spirit…Ahh, I think we mentioned that, but you really need to understand that it’s crucial. Picture the Holy Spirit like a dove that whispers in your ear what to do while you’re in that dark room and you can’t find the way. He guides, leads and directs you, BUT if you walk in the flesh, get upset, lash out at the enemy, stub your toe in the dark and kick theirs, too, guess what – The dove flies away and you can’t receive direction…Are you getting it now?


Stay in the Spirit, for we war not in the flesh, pray and trust God to lead and guide you. Don’t react with your emotions, but rebuke and resist the devil, submit to God and He will make the way and lead you out and back into the light!

Sometimes we cry out for milk, but God wants us to have meat so we can grow. Whatever you are facing, pray and trust God and ask for strength, wisdom and discernment.

Pray this prayer:

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord I love you and trust you. I ask you to come into my situation and open my eyes. Please increase my wisdom and understanding about what the enemy is trying to do. Show me how to stay in the Spirit so I can find rest in you and deliver others because I know you are with me and the angels are with me, guiding me through. Teach me how to live, Lord, so I can walk more in you and my purpose. I decree I am victorious and the right hand of my just one shall uphold me. I know the devil is defeated and under my feet. No weapons formed against me shall prosper and I am covered in the blood of Jesus, in your name, amen.

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