Is God challenging you to grow your faith? Putting you in situations to test your faith? You might have to hold on – literally and figuratively. Forever God’s Word is established, so don’t waiver, but trust in Him…


On a flight that was supposed to land at one airport, the winds and visibility were so bad that after 3 attempted landings we were diverted to another airport. The person in the seat next to me was panicking and shaking every time the plane dipped down and would suddenly take off again, but secretly, I wasn’t worried – even when the pilot said we were low on fuel. Why? The Holy Spirit didn’t say there was anything to worry about…

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Neither height nor depth…

Know that nothing can separate us from God. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, God is with us always. On that harrowing flight, I reassured my co-passenger that God was with us and I was praying to Jesus – out loud so my co-passenger could hear me and know that I knew that God was covering us. If you ever feel like your faith isn’t strong or the fear gets to be too big, rebuke the devil and keep praying, or call on a prayer warrior to pray with you. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. In the middle of any storm, this can be the one thing that doesn’t make sense to the world, to pray our way through, but on the contrary, God is always with us, covering us and keeping us. Consider this…

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Higher elevation…

On another flight, leaving New York, we were hit with thick cloud cover and a lot of severe turbulence. Twenty minutes in, the pilot said he wanted everyone to still stay seated. We’d have to climb to a higher altitude to break through the thick clouds. We stayed seated as the plane shook with turbulence. Not even the movie on my tablet was in focus because we were shaking so much. Outside the window, it was thick and gray with zero visibility. Suddenly, we all felt a “pop” as if we were being propelled forward, then bright beams of white light burst through all the windows amidst the sound of shades being pulled shut and signs of relief. We were out of the storm and the thick cloud cover disappeared under us. People cheered as they took their seat belts off, in shock by how sunny it was outside as they got up to stretch their legs and move about the now calm cabin. I began taking pictures because in the clear distance, there was rainbow after colorful rainbow! Sometimes we have to go higher in God to get a clearer view.


The window to your soul…

But what was it about that flight that broke through the clouds that suddenly gave everyone a reason to cheer? It was what we were seeing. The storm was still there but we could now see beyond it and see our way clear. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but more importantly, as Christians, we have to train our thoughts to not focus on what we see, but what we believe and want to see so we can speak it and make it manifest.

I will never leave you nor forsake you…

God’s promise to us is that He will supply all our needs. That means, despite what it looks like – you guessed it, we’re to cast our cares on Him. No matter what you are going through, trust God and know that its what we speak that counts. Line your thoughts up with God’s Word. How? Use these tips:

  • Seeing and feeling turbulence? Stay calm, have no fear, and Speak calming into the atmosphere, “Father, Forever thy Word is established, so I know that no harm shall come near my dwelling place. I decree and declare peace right now in the name of Jesus. I speak peace over this situation. Calm this storm now in Jesus name.” Then remind yourself to stay calm, and rebuke any thoughts of  fear or anxiety. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, hosts of angels, your Guardian Angel, and the Angel of the Lord are always there. Call on them and stay calm.
  • Pray for the situation and those involved. In my case, I prayed for the pilot and my fellow passengers, and all of the staff. Know that you shall have total victory and total recovery. You can also bind every hindrance away from you and release God’s covering, authority and grace to work on your behalf.
  • Even if you’re with someone whose faith isn’t strong or present, you continue to pray and speak out loud so you can cancel out their fear with your faith. When my co-passenger on the first flight started panicking out loud, I prayed over him to cancel out his fear with words of faith.

God won’t leave you. He said He would supply all our needs. Be ready for your breakthrough. God’s got you and He wants to show you amazing things!

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