Reflecting God’s Promises

Was March a transitional month for you, too?  I was sending a message about calling on God’s Word and trusting in Him and as I hit the send button, thunder sounded like it was ripping through the roof of our building at 1am. I jumped and said, “Okay, Lord, I’m declaring and speaking peace over this storm right now.” After a few minutes of really loud crackling sounds, the storm dissipated and I was able to go to bed.

But what did God say…

This month is tax month and just like that thunder that startled me, there can be things in life that startle us, too – taxes. I can remember years ago if the IRS or the State sent an email about my taxes I would grow alarmed and think “Oh my goodness? Did I do something wrong? What will it cost me?” When I saw an email from the State the other day it said I had a tax message, but I knew I had already paid my taxes, so I disregarded it and put it on my to do list as a reminder to log in and check the site for the message. Then I received an email that said to disregard the notice…Hmm, what if I had panicked? Would that have been the devil and the flesh? Yup, and that’s why we have to be mindful that whether it’s thunder at 1am or that tax reminder, to count it all joy, stay in the spirit and not suddenly race with our emotions to “Oh no!”

Having an “Oh no!” Moment…

A few years ago, when I was working as an admin on a trading desk, a trader suddenly yelled the worst news imaginable, but you may not have heard about it because it was a false alarm. He screamed at the top of his lungs, “Bomb goes off at White House!” It came out so suddenly that my brain didn’t have time to think and my heart immediately started pounding with adrenaline, a fight or flight response to something startling. I stood up and excused myself to the restroom to pray. Calming my heart rate down, I prayed peace and calming over my spirit and whatever the situation was and then went back to the desk. It was a few seconds later that we heard it was a false alarm, but on Bloomberg terminals, all news that’s reported hits the screen first – even if its inaccurate.

girl umbrella

Whose report do you believe?

One of the reasons I walked away from the desk was because that’s what Jesus did. When He was in an area where there was strong unbelief, He would walk away and at times, you might have to walk away to regroup so you can stay in the spirit and come back stronger. Jesus went to heal a little girl who had died and the family laughed so He put them out. He needed believers around Him so He could work, not doubters, unbelievers and naysayers. Had I continued to sit with my coworkers and hear their fear instead of building up and relying on my faith, I could have grown fearful, too. I would have possibly mirrored their behavior and panic, not Jesus’s peace and calming in the middle of any storm.

Even in shocking or sudden situations where we might be caught off guard, remember to regroup and think the Word, then speak the Word and speak life. We walk by faith, not by sight, so even when that news comes in, that startling email, that sound of thunder or that bad report, while we’re in the world, we’re not of the world. Jesus already overcame the world, so we have to stay spiritually grounded so we can draw on God’s strength and speak the Word we need – calming and peace into the situation. By the way, please be sure to sign up for our FREE 31-Day Affirmation Guide. We want you prayed up and powered up with God’s Word in any situation – and did we mention it’s FREE?

Who do men say I am?

Bill Winston keeps playing a really great message about not believing any report but God’s. In every situation, whether it’s a doctor’s bad report or breaking news, turn to God. He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. He said he won’t let our foot slip. He said no harm shall come near our dwelling places, so in all you do, with all you need, trust God in Jesus’s name. Don’t go by what it looks like, what it sounds like or what you see. Just like the image at the beginning of the umbrella, God is our covering, so rest in Him and reflect God and Jesus’s peace into your circumstance. It takes time, but work the Word every time, so it will work for you. We also chose the rainbow umbrella for the significance of the rainbow as a reminder that God is faithful…

Pray: Father God, I praise you and love you with all my heart. I pray to speak calming into every storm in my life. Please help me to walk by faith and not by sight as this is pleasing to you, it keeps me in the spirit and it will help me to trust you more. Please help me in any situation where I need it to speak your word and not react in my flesh especially with things on the news and events that we hear about every day. I pray for our nation and our planet and for people everywhere to have a deeper walk with you. Thank you for covering and protecting us, for always making the way and helping me to have stronger faith. I love you and I know you will always make the way in my life, in Jesus name and by the blood of Jesus, amen!

Be ye doers of the Word…We pray this message blesses you today!

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