Don’t give up on God’s promises for you…

I walked into work and my coworker snapped at me. I hadn’t said anything but quickly felt discouraged. Little did I know, I was being promoted over her…

Have you ever had it happen where God blesses you with something great that you should be excited about, but instead you’re focusing on the reaction of the person next to you? Let that be a sign that when you see them react, stay in God’s shadow, stay in the Spirit and thank God for promotion and favor…


In the Bible, the men came back to Joshua with a bad report. There where giants in the land. Instead of focusing on God’s message, they quickly thought about defeat – so that means they turned to emotions and the flesh instead of turning to God and knowing He would deliver them, because He already said He would. We serve God in spirit and truth meaning He is spirit, so we must stay in the spirit to communicate with Him. It’s also written that no flesh can stand before Him, so if you’re knocking on God’s door, helps to be in the spirit so He’ll answer, not running in the flesh, which was so Jonah, Saul and Gideon. We stand firm, so keep moving forward in God…


Count it all joy…

When God has promised you, man cannot take it away, but man can try to make it difficult and look downright impossible for you. If God blesses you, it’s because He trusts you, so praise God for that. Don’t go by your naysayers, enemies or anyone else rolling their eyes in your direction. Don’t even look at them. Look to the hills. Your help comes from the Lord.

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Stop reacting to them. Act on what God has done…

When I received the promotion on my job, I wasn’t even excited at first because it hadn’t registered to me. My enemies knew and were angry, so my reaction was more about trying to get through the day and dodge their bullets, arrows, sling shot words and everything else they tried to set me up with.I didn’t know at the time that because God gave it to me, that meant He already made the way for me…

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God’s timing, not ours…

When God calls you, He preordains you. No one likes to hear that if God hasn’t called them, but for David it meant a lot. Yup, you’ll be king one day, now go back to the sheep. Maybe you feel like that, too. You’re ready to start that new business or hop a flight for that great vacation, but if God says no, not yet. Trust that it’s always about His timing, so always ask for His insight, approval, blessing, etc.

So how do you deal with this timing thing and working on action and (re)action?

  1. Stay in the Spirit so you can hear from God.
  2. Ignore the flesh around you and ignore the attitudes.
  3. Stay covered by continuing to read your Bible, staying humble, fasting and praying – and walking in love despite the sling shot words, arrows, and bullets. Yup. Get a good night’s rest in between fasting and praying.
  4. Listen for direction from God.
  5. Control your (re)actions. People want you to lash out in the flesh, but don’t. Walk away. Walk in love and stay in the Spirit.

That last point is one of the most important. If God calls you, there will be a lot of times that people will despise you, reject you and be downright angry with you for nothing other than God’s favor that just shined a huge spotlight on your life. Look at Joseph, thrown into a pit because he had on a fancy coat in the summer time! Okay, so we’ll assume it was fall, but in all of his excitement, his brothers were jealous, so it might help to be cautious with who is around you, who is in your ear and who you are talking to, “Man, God is so great, look what He gave me!”

Magnet Confident Women All Things

Look at all the attention Dad gave me!

While you want to share the good news and your testimony, there are haters in the world (shocker, right?) who are not happy. They’re downright bitter, angry, resentful and upset because they were waiting on God FIRST, or LONGER than you, so keep that in mind. Walk in love and stay close to God. He has so many great things in store for you!

PS: There’s one part we left out. God expects you to share with others. Yup, your brothers who threw you in a pit, share what you get with them because God gave it to you because He can trust you to i.e., share with them…Ask Joseph about it and ask God to confirm who to share with. He’s no respecter of persons, so keep in mind that what He gives is given freely.

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