Yup, sneaking. I wrote it. When I went back to finish undergrad, I didn’t tell anyone. I also didn’t tell them when I started my business or when I applied to grad school. I like the whole less is more approach – especially when dealing with disgruntled coworkers, naysayers and the jealous types. Hey? Can you blame me? Joseph’s brothers left him for dead because he showed them a coat! Not a Kors, Cole Haan or a Coach with leather trim, but a homemade coat their dad made him. Then they told their dad he was dead! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should hide your light under a bushel, but I totally believe in not poking the bear – or the lion, for that matter.

And if they’re already jealous and lying about you, keep your thoughts and dreams to yourself…

Whatever your dreams are, keep them between you and God for now. People don’t know God’s plan for your life so they should be on a “need to know” or “as necessary” basis with new information. Sometimes it’s pride, jealousy, envy, strife, whatever. The goal is to make the list of things you want to do and keep working at them. Like I did tonight…

GDD Grads.jpg

The lists have lists…

I noticed that no one has gotten back to me recently. I have about 10 open projects, emails, pending requests, refunds, etc., and nothing was moving, so I created a little list of “follow up” items and I’m plugging away at it. I should really call it my “persistent like a gnat” list because at this point, it means I will email and call everyday until I get these areas resolved. Not to be a pest, but to get them off my list. What’s on your to do list? Well, if you’re saying that #1 is to create a “to do” list, you’re off to a good start, grasshopper!


Ask God. Say please. Remember to thank everyone and celebrate life.

When I went back to school, I wanted it for myself, wanted it for completion and to close that chapter in my life. Now that I’m in grad school, man it’s tough. You have to “master” everything and I’m not even to the thesis portion yet, thank God. Every time I’m tempted to cry or get upset, I’m reminded that I asked for grad school, so I know I will get through. Maybe you’re thinking about your load and how you can add that one special dream that you have amidst all the fun and exciting chaos the world throws your way. For me, it was quiet and stealth-like. I went back to school and told no one. By the time the enemies on my job knew, I was well into the business school program and they only found out because I accidentally blurted out about a stock tip to one of the traders one day who didn’t  know – duh? and another trader said, “Hey, how come peanut gallery over here knows?” That’s when one of my enemies said sarcastically, “She knows because she’s in business school.” Yeah, I worked with those kinds of people….quiet and stealth-like…


Whatever your goals are, trust God and talk to God. Ask Him to surround you with people who will help you and who won’t take from you because they don’t need what you have in a jealous sort of way, i.e., secure people. For example…

When I was taking classes that got really tough, I prayed and one of the research analysts that I worked with was the sharpest kid I ever met. Honestly. God bless him. I am eternally grateful. He asked one day to look at my paper on the valuation of this big company. I was clueless myself trying to piece it together from 100+ pages of notes, but I loved what I was doing. Making it sound right on paper, that was another story though. Apparently, this kid could smell smoke coming from the other end of the room one night at work when everyone had left, so he comes over and says, “I want to have a look,” and I said, “It’s 14-pages,” and He said, “Oh cool. It should be good.” I knew it had to be God who sent him or I truly had entirely too much coffee. So sure enough, he reads it and edits the whole thing in a rather quick time frame, I might add. I followed his changes and got an “A”.

Is anything too hard for God?

The point is, nothing is too hard, we just have to ask God for it and watch and see who He sends…So take your coat and your lists and pray and trust God, then don’t say anything, but trust God to send who He sends and how He sends them. He will always make the way…Again, is there anything too hard for God? No, nothing….and remember to say please, thank you and celebrate!

Joy unspeakable, that’s what He gives!


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