I was on Amtrak a short time ago when officers boarded the train. They were looking for someone and in that brief time when they asked to see my ticket and they asked to see the ticket of the person sitting across from me, I told the officer standing in front of me, “God bless you and your work,” as I thought about how dangerous their work was on a daily basis. As I got my ticket out and showed it to him, he smiled as he turned to the next person and about 5-minutes later, he and another officer escorted a young black man in handcuffs from the bathroom – where he was hiding, I looked at the other passengers in shock, stunned at what we had just witnessed.

Please pray for black lives and all lives for that matter. Please pray for innocent people who are targeted regardless of race. Please pray for all lives and pray for all officers, our military and medical personnel. Pray for all friends, neighbors, families and loved ones. Pray for strangers in need of prayer and Christ. Pray for our nation and pray for our planet…

Pray to rebuke the enemy’s attacks…

We see it tragically everyday. Another black man gunned down. Maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe they were just innocent, but they’re being gunned down. We’re seeing black men being annihilated and exterminated, if you will. Society is pushing them into a strong lack of jobs and education forcing them onto the streets in desperation. Forcing them to not have a foot to stand on and then penalizing them for not making wise decisions. It’s like saying you can’t eat healthy when all that you can afford are the dollar menu items at the nearest store. It’s a set up to fail…but maybe not…

The Children of Israel were faced with hard labor and when they complained, they were given more work and less food and expected to produce more. I remember this happened on my old job. My co-workers – the mean-spirited ones, unhappy that I wasn’t getting in trouble with all the work they dumped on me, tried to make it worse by just not showing up at all. Seriously. Left alone with over 40+ managers to answer phones for, book flights for and help, I called on Jesus. He is my help in the storm.

What the enemy means for harm God works out in our favor and for our good and behalf…

The light that is being shined on black men is showing the lack of empathy in society, the haves and have nots, if you will. I loved that while a black woman sat in the back of a police cruiser crying because she had just witnessed her boyfriend dying right in front of her and her child, the news went on, business as usual. No. Not this time. We pray for the black man. We pray for law enforcement. We pray for a better way.

What happens when you pray?

On my job, when I prayed for help after seeing that my coworkers and manager set me up, I witnessed a breakthrough like nothing I’d ever seen. One of the owners brought me a coffee. Another started his own conference call because he saw how busy I was… and they took note that no one else was there. I took note that God was on the scene working it out in my favor.

Never go by what it looks like… Pray

When you pray, something amazing happens. You fold your hands or hold your hands crossed in front of you. That means, you have to take your hands off the situation. Pray. Prayer helps because by calling on God, we’re saying, “Lord, please show up and direct us.” God is already there, but He’s not presumptive. He won’t just do it if we don’t invite Him in. Pray. take your hands off of it and let God work on your behalf.

The Children of Israel prayed and God led them through Moses to what looked like a trap, but God had other things in store…mainly, a hidden path He always had because He is all-knowing and well, for such a time as this…



He won’t let your foot slip…

A lot of what we’re seeing is to get the Body of Christ ready for the return of Jesus. We must have a unified church in order for Jesus to come back. That means one body praying and calling on Jesus to help. We’re getting there…In the meantime…pray.

Pray for our officers, medical and military personnel…

We pray for our officers Father God in the name of Jesus. Please heal their hearts and help them to do their work. Please bless and cover each and everyone of them. Bless  our officers, military and all medical personnel Lord, and cover them and their families. We also pray for the officers that mean harm. Lord, please change their hearts to see that this is not the way. We also pray to rebuke the demons of fear and derision in the military and with our police departments. We pray for officers be covered by you and to not walk into traps set up by the enemy. Please cover them from the crowns of their heads to the souls of their feet, the devil is under our feet, in Jesus’s name, amen.

Pray for black men. Pray for white men, too… and the Spanish, Indians, and Asians. Pray for all men, women and children. Pray for all people, our nation and our planet…

Lord, we pray for black men, Mexicans, Muslims, Asians, Indians and white men, too. We pray for all nationalities. We pray for their covering and their voices to be heard. These are good men trying to provide for their families. We pray for those that mean harm to have their hearts changed and we pray for more opportunities for men to be able to have a dialog with officers, to be able to have the jobs they need to support their families. We pray for their dignity and respect to not be stripped from them. You are a loving God and no respecter of persons. We pray and ask for your mercy and your loving hand on these families Lord. Bless, cover and keep every one. We rebuke the demons of derision and pray for all men to be strong, to have courage, to find good jobs and to be able to provide and not have to hide for fear of annihilation.

We pray and ask for you to intervene because you said you won’t put more on us than we can bear so we lift the lives of black men up to you Lord and ask for your mercy, grace and covering over them. Restore them Lord, in the name of Jesus and we cancel every demon’s attack and negative hindrance in Jesus name. We cancel out the devil’s assignment of fear and we pray for black lives to be restored. We also rebuke the demons of frustration, anxiety, retaliation, false pride and fear. The devil is defeated in Jesus’s name, amen.

Prayer changes things…

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

When I was at work and prayed and took my hands off of the situation, the strangest thing happened and I know it was only the grace of God. My bosses moved me up to management. I began to receive promotion after promotion. They knew they could rely on me. They knew I wouldn’t panic with pressure. They saw in me what Christ wanted them to see. That was not me. That was Christ and the power of prayer.

Pray. Let God handle it, whatever the situation is. Let God prepare the table for you in the presence of your enemies. What the devil means for harm, God works out in our favor… Sometimes the heat is turned on and the furnace gets hot, but it’s a set up. Nothing happens without God knowing so trust God and pray. He is in the fiery furnace with us. He will always deliver us and He is always going to put our enemies under our feet. Don’t put your hands on it and live in fear or react in fear…Give it over to God in prayer.

As we pray for healing in our streets, we’re also praying for the injustices to stop. We’re praying for the derision to cease and for our nation and planet to be on one accord.

On one accord…

Jesus is coming back for a unified church, for a Bride that is ready to receive her Groom. We pray for all ministries to come together, all nationalities, all religions and no derision. We pray for all nations to stand united. We pray for help for all in need regardless of class and color. We pray for respect for black men and all officers and military. We pray for healing for our nation and planet. We pray, Lord, please hear our prayers and heal our land, in Jesus’s name, amen.


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