I was prepping our weekly message and the Holy Spirit said to write on the election. I laughed as I thought, “About what? That Trump thinks he’s synched it or that people are so frustrated they don’t even want to vote?” I asked again what I should write and the Holy Spirit finally told me, “Tell them don’t give up.” You must have faith.


Tell them don’t give up…

God is preparing a table for you and you might not even realize it. That’s why it’s important to not walk away, not give up and wren or tear your garments, but press on, keep on fighting, keep on praying and see what God does… The end result is always good.

Don’t fear the arrow that flies by night nor the terror by day…

There’s fear everywhere. Fear of police brutality, fear of bombings, lynchings, fear of negative repercussions and harassment, fear of job losses and unfair work conditions and still we must fight and press on. The funny thing is, it’s only a small number of racist white people who are saying they’re afraid of blacks. Kind of like the Children of Israel growing too big as a people. Too many to control. They might start reading and learning and going to school. Then they might turn and realize they have the power and the vote to make the changes…But I’m getting a little too far ahead of myself, so let’s back up…

The Bible says, “The violent taketh by force,” but I never really understood what that meant. All I saw in life was the affluent getting ahead and using others to promote their agendas, but I also saw something from a distance – if you can avoid the distractions and smoke screens. It’s called valuation and it comes from God.

GDD Success

I saw it on my old job.

When it was time to negotiate higher salaries, it was usually the managers and the most knowledgeable (college educated) who didn’t just take the bonus they were offered, but they negotiated for a higher salary and a bigger position with more authority. They would have two or more meetings with their managers. They didn’t just say, “Okay, thanks.” They had a list of accomplishments and they knew their valuation and they would weigh it like leverage.

One of my old professors was a former litigator and he said, “Use leverage. Know your valuation. Tell them what you’re worth. Maybe they’re not giving out raises this year because the budget is tight, so ask for an extra week’s vacation.” We don’t know because we weren’t taught and we don’t ask because they don’t want to give us what we have a right to. But sometimes it boils down to your valuation and moral ethics…

What is my valuation?

For me, when I worked in multiple departments and dealt with all kinds of pressure, my valuation was high – super high. I could work in about 7-8 different departments at the drop of a dime. That meant I was not only resourceful, but I was a commodity – and I say this humbly because no flesh can stand before God. This isn’t something employers teach you if they want to keep you under their feet, but it’s something I learned in under grad and grad school about management. Know your valuation, promote from within, and so forth. It’s in all those over-priced books. So what’s the point?


Not by might nor by strength…

The battle is not ours. it’s the Lord’s. You also want to make sure you don’t give up because you have more power than you know. The Bible wants us to let God fight our battles. I know first hand…

My mom whom I love dearly is a fighter, but it’s sometimes a form of verbal abuse directed at me. Maybe I was her only outlet when I was a child and while I grew up, she still thinks it’s okay to “vent” on me. I beg to differ. She would yell and fuss and demean with her words and of course, if I said anything, I was wrong. It was like being on a job where you were demeaned and you had no recourse except to internalize or go home and want to kick the dog because you had to get back up and do it again tomorrow, but then a strange thing happened.

I stopped being my mom’s punching bag. Literally. One day she was lighting into me about something and the Holy Spirit told me, “Walk away.” He did this again and again. She would fuss and I would walk away. I’d go regroup, put my headphones on and enjoy life and a prayer warrior on Joel Osteen’s site reminded me, “Submit to God. Resist the devil and he (the devil) shall flee.

My mom was hoping for a toe-to-toe, but I knew it was just the devil trying to get me to lash out at my mom so I would lose my blessing. Wha? Yup. The devil knows what he needs to try to do to distract you and get you out of alignment with God’s will and God’s spirit. You can’t walk in love and fuss too. No way. I listened to the Holy Spirit and I walked away and gradually, my mom would selectively get louder because she was looking for a reaction. As children of God, we can’t and should not act out in the flesh, so I chose not to speak when she was looking for a reaction. I learned to control my emotions, my flesh, and my thoughts. And then it happened? It got better – you’re thinking? Nope. It got worse. She accused me out of the blue of attacking her verbally! For no reason. Or so I thought…

GDD Psalm 91 Have Faith

The devil is the accuser of the brethern

I was visiting my mom, had just cleaned her bathroom and kitchen, and did all the laundry and was preparing dinner when she walked in the front door and started complaining. I was so shocked by her tone as I was cleaning meat that I dropped the knife on the floor and that’s when she said, “No, I don’t like your attitude!” I was in shock. No, lady. Not today. I started laughing to myself and praying softly, “The devil is a liar,” I said. I was determined to stand up for myself because I’d done nothing wrong. I told her, “Mom, I love you dearly, but the devil is the accuser of the brethern and you need to look around because you are wrong. I just cleaned your whole house. No, you will not not accuse me.”

I prayed for her and I realized what the devil was trying to do. If he couldn’t get me to respond in retaliation, he would try with outright accusations. I also let my mom know, “It’s not working. I’m walking in love, I’m not disrespecting you and I’m going to obey God. That’s it.” And that’s what we have to do with this devil in this world who is accusing the brethern. Let the devil redirect his arrows elsewhere. You have not sinned and you must stand strong on God’s Word. Let God fight your battles.


So what’s my point?

Nick Cannon had something on about #BlackLivesMatter and how people shouldn’t vote. I beg to differ. I think people should vote. There should be strong leaders to oversee #BlackLivesMatter and work with them. Maybe the NAACP. Maybe #WhiteLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter should come together. Not sure, but I do think with so much awareness and so many rallies that at some point, along with the laying down of arms – and the lifting up of hands in prayer, there should be boycotts, class action lawsuits against the government for police brutality and there should be leverage.


Dump Trump

I hope Hillary wins, and not for the reason you might think. I overheard someone say, “Trump has the spirit of Hitler,” and it’s something we’ve read about online. I remember reading his book and seeing how reporters indicated he was promoting whites and WASPS and was against Jews, Christians, Muslims and Blacks. I listened to the speeches and how he checked every item off his list about how he would now help Christians and Jews and how his wall would help the U.S. I watched him breathe heavily with his open nasal passageways during his speech as he turned pompously and defiantly from side to side. Isn’t that what Hitler did? You do know that Hitler had a wall, too, right?

You do know that there are reports online about Trump and his incest remarks about lusting after Ivanka and how he would sleep with her, and separately despising Tiffany. There’s also a lot online about his father being a German Nazi if you google it. There are pictures of Trump online giving the Illuminati symbol for devil worship, too. There’s even speculation online that Trump was only talking to white people in his speech and is talking in code about how he is going to get rid of/exterminate Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks and what he considers all inferior races that pose a threat… Several of the posts online mentioned that we should not believe a word he’s saying because he’s an expert liar.

What’s sad is there was a scene when his family was on stage and it strangely mirrored the scene from The Purge when they were talking about how they should protect the white race and purge to purify themselves. There are people who actually believe this. Listen to the recording of the officer who attacked that young black female teacher. He said as he was driving her to the precinct, “Why are so many whites afraid of you?” The Bible says, “Whoever loves God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar.” And we know the devil is a liar…


Pray and ask God for help 

Your voice matters with this election and your voice counts. While this is just speculation, wouldn’t it be lovely if Hillary Clinton received a letter from #BlackLivesMatter requesting monetary compensation and reparations for all the injustices once she’s in office? Or wouldn’t it be nice if she knew she would receive millions of black votes only if she made x-number of changes in writing based on legal changes that the unified black party put together? What about a class action lawsuit for all the harassment, fear, violence and oppression?

Not saying a vote is worth a bribe, but millions of black, Hispanic and Muslim lives are at stake. I pray that there are reparations for all the injustices, for all the mothers who have lost their sons. I pray for you mothers. I pray there are class action lawsuits against the government for letting these heinous crimes continue. Your voice matters and so does your vote. I pray you don’t give up. I pray you keep on praying and unite, but not just on the streets. It has to be in the courtrooms and it  has to be through legal recourse and legal ramifications where it counts.

Like I told my mom calmly yet defiantly, “What you’re doing… it’s not working. I’ve outgrown that. I’m not warring with you in the flesh. I’m not blocking my blessings. I’m moving forward.” This is what David did with Saul and this is what the Children of Israel did with Egypt.This is what the church must do with the devil. Don’t war in the flesh. Let God defend you in battle. Pray for forgiveness of sins and ask God to change it and continue to trust in God and ask for His help and His mercy. Don’t give up. Expect a bold move from God. Wait until we hear from heaven…

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Prayer: Lord, we come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain help in the times of trouble. We pray and ask for your mercy. Please forgive our sins that our prayers might be heard. We pray for our families, friends, neighbors and loved ones, our nation and our planet. We also pray for the families of every life that has been cut short whether black, white, Mexican, Muslim, Asian or other races. We also pray for the officers that have been killed and we pray for their families.  We pray for those affected by the bombings in Afghanistan and France. We pray for those affected by the bus killing in France. We pray for Puerto Rico and Brazil with the zika virus threat.

We pray for help from you Father God. We pray and plead the blood of Jesus. We ask for a sign from you over this election and for you to rain down your favor on us. Your Word says to ask and seek you first and we are praying to you to come as the Comforter. You are a Just God and we need you for we know not. We humble ourselves before you and ask for your help, Lord. Please shine a light on this election and bring restoration in every area where it’s needed. Please bring healing to all hearts  Your word says, Our latter days will be better than the former and we pray for this, Lord. Your Word also says that we don’t know the plans you have for us; plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. We pray to receive this Lord. The devil is trying to bring harm so we know you will bring correction. We pray for signs from you. We praise you for we know we have the victory in Jesus’s name, amen.


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